Looking for the best dog ear infection home remedy? Here in this article you can find top 6 remedies which are highly effective and easily available.

I highly RECOMMEND you to read the entire article and give the best possible treatment to your dog.

Dogs truly are a man’s best friend, and it is important to give your dog the best care possible. After all, any dog would do the same for you, and they deserve all of the care and attention that you can give them.

If you notice that your dog seems to be having ear pain, it can be stressful to worry about paying vet bills, and the tension that it causes to your dog to be brought to the veterinarian.

Considering most dogs don’t like to visit the vet, and it can put you back a few thousand dollars in order to pay for the treatment, you should take comfort in the knowledge that there are several dog ear infection home remedies are available.

Keep in mind that there are many different types of dog’s ear infections, and some will need different kinds of treatment in order for you to see the best results.

If the home remedies for dog ear infection listed below don’t seem to be providing any improvement in the condition of your dog, you should consider taking a visit to the veterinarian. If you absolutely cannot afford this, then you can at least call a vet and consult them on their opinions.

Dog Ear Infection Symptoms:

Dog Ear Infection Home RemedyThe first step in treating ear infections is to notice that they have one. Dogs will show some obvious signs of discomfort, and some of the symptoms you will see are frequent ear scratching (which is often the most common way for people to notice that their dogs are suffering with ear pain), a yellow or a bloody liquid being discharged, as well as odor coming from the ear.

You may also NOTICE your dog tilting its head, or making different movements than it would otherwise, in an attempt to ease the pain.

Like humans, dogs with ear infections will also have a difficult time keeping their balance, may make unusual eye movements, walk around in circles or other strange patterns, or behave differently.

If you notice any of these signs and symptoms in your dog, you should take immediate action to prevent the ear infection from getting any worse.

Dog ear infection home remedy can be a cheap, easy, and effective way to make sure your dog is taken care of, and will be less likely to increase irritation and risk of an allergic reaction to medications.

Before you use these home remedies, however, you should take care and flush out your dog’s ears with water. This will remove any irritants, dirt, and discharge from your dog’s ears so that the remedies will work better, and will also work much faster for you.

After you have flushed out your dog’s ears, you can try any dog ear infection home remedy from below to treat ear infection in your dog’s.

Top 6 Home Remedies For Dog Ear Infection

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy #1 - If you have a spray bottle and some apple cider vinegar, you have one of the most effective ways to treat your dog’s ear infections already at hand. Apple cider vinegar is cheap and can be found in most grocery stores.

Simply mix together a combination of the vinegar and water, and use the spray bottle to spray it into your dog’s ear canals.

This acts as a natural astringent and will work well. (If you have no apple cider vinegar around, you can use witch hazel, which also works wonders.)

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy #2 - Mullein oil and garlic oil is a great dog ear infection home remedy. Mix these two ingredients together, and apply a few drops to the inside of your dog’s ear once or twice a day.

You can do this until the irritation is gone, and your dog has gone back to normal, but you should continue the treatment for several more days afterwards, to prevent the ear infection from returning.

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy #3 - Aloe Vera works well for burns on humans, but will also provide amazing results when used as an easy remedy for ear infections. Warm a small amount of Aloe Vera slightly to make it more comfortable for your dog when you apply it. Once it has been warmed, you can add about a teaspoon to the infected ear or ears, and this will soothe the irritation and pain of the dog’s ear infection.

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy #4 - While your dog has an ear infection, you can try applying a warm compress to their ears multiple times throughout the day. It will help to ease the pain, and will encourage the immune system of your dog to heal the infection. You can also gently massage your dog’s ears in order to further encourage the natural healing process. This is a great and easy dog ear infection home remedy.

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy #5 - Mix together a combination of white vinegar and water. The water will help to clean out your dog’s ear, and the vinegar will help to dry it out and remove any discharge and leftover water.

However, you need to make sure that there is enough vinegar in the mixture to dry out the excess water, as standing water left behind will just irritate it further. Make sure to use the mixture at room temperature because applying it cold would cause your dog more pain.

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy #6 - Try using olive oil or almond oil. Both of these are gentle on your dog’s skin, and can be easily applied. You can add about a half of a teaspoon to each ear then slowly and gently use your fingers to massage the oil into your dog’s ears. This will loosen wax and dirt that have built up, as well as bring relief of the pain. This is one of the best and cheapest dog ear infection remedy.

So, if you notice that your dog seems to be experiencing discomfort, and is showing signs of having an ear infection, you should certainly try using these easy, home remedies for dog ear infection. They are all safe and affordable than taking your dog to the vet.

However, keep in mind that some infections will need to be treated professionally, and if your dog doesn’t show any improvement after applying any dog ear infection home remedy mentioned above, or is getting worse, you may need to take them to the vet. Always keep your dog’s best interest in mind.

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